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Apple announce tvOS update – Here’s what’s new

Among other big software announcements at WWDC 2016, Apple also gave an update to tvOS. The Apple TV 4 gets a smarter Siri, Dark Mode, Single Sign-on and more. Here’s what’s new in tvOS…

Smarter Siri

Siri can now search for specific topics, you can combine multiple search criteria in the same search. For example, you can ask Siri “Show me spy movies from the 1960’s” and she’ll show you the results. You can even search in YouTube with Siri in the new tvOS update.

Single Sign-on

No more having to type in passwords multiple times, with Single Sign-on, you authenticate once and that’s it, you get access to all apps (that support Single Sign-on) in your pay TV package.

Dark Mode

Change the look and feel of your screen. Use Light Mode to make the posters and icons pop or Dark Mode to make it easier on the eyes at night and feel like you’re at the movies.

Revamped Remote App

Make your iPhone mimic the Apple TV 4‘s Siri Remote, use Siri to search for movies, play games on the big TV, or play photos and videos right from your iPhone. Downloadable on the App Store soon.


The new tvOS update will be available in the fall for all Apple TV 4 users, while developers can take advantage of the new software starting today.

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