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Apple adds new ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ videos

Earlier this year Apple launched its ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign which basically showcases what the iPhone 6 camera is capable of, and the results are amazing. Apple handpicked some very nice pictures taken by normal people and has shown them off on their website. This month they added a bunch of short videos showing off the iPhone 6’s recording capabilities…

You might’ve came across the ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ videos earlier this month, but yesterday Apple added 4 more to their site (and YouTube). These new videos come from the Netherlands, Norway, the United States and Australia.

You can check out the 4 new 15-second videos below:

This was one awesome ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ photo that really caught my eye…

Shot by David K. in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Check out the rest of the World Gallery to get some inspiration to start shooting some cool photos

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