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App Store gaming gets its own Twitter account

The App Store is going social, well, even more social, we already have @AppStore on Twitter but Apple has created a new Twitter account, @AppStoreGames, dedicated to the App Store’s gaming section. Could this having something to do with next week’s iPhone 6s/Apple TV event?

First tweet by the account:

Tap. Tap. Hello, world.

— App Store Games (@AppStoreGames) September 3, 2015

Officially verified by Twitter, this account comes just a week before the highly anticipated iPhone 6s event, where we’re also expecting Apple to announce a new Apple TV, though it may be available in October.

The @AppStoreGames account description reads “Embrace the future of gaming. Straight from our Games Editors”. Apple confirmed that the Twitter account will include “weekly features like game previews, tips and interviews with developers.”

The reason this new account is a little interesting is because there have been rumors about an App Store on the Apple TV for a while now and it looks as though Apple could be making some serious moves towards gaming on the big screen. Currenty gaming on the Apple TV is a little clunky, not all games support AirPlay mirroring and the standard iOS mirroring feature displays black bars on either side of your TV, but maybe we’ll see a better version of AirPlay in the Apple TV and the new iPhone 6s to give us a much better gaming experience on the big screen?

Are you excited to see where this might lead?

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