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Today I noticed that I had a new update for Pocket (formerly read it later). This update is mainly bug fixes and improves Airplay support, preventing the airplay from stopping when your device goes to sleep or is switched off. However, when I got the update I realised something.

The app is still called Pocket (formerly Read It Later) in fact. I had a moment of thinking to try and remember when exactly it changed it’s name to Pocket instead of read it later.

A quick Google check and it turns out that on the 17th of April, it will have been two years since they changed the name. Almost two year! I understand the reason for keeping the old name when they made the immediate transition to their new name brand.

After all, imagine waking up and not being able to find one of your essential apps that you regularly use. As you continue to search you see that some strange app has suddenly found it’s way onto your device and wonder if Apple are forcing new programs on you.

But you have to wonder…when will Pocket drop the alternative name? Surely everyone who originally downloaded Pocket when it had the name Read it Later have seen that it has updated. Likewise, when a new user goes to look for a new read it later app, they have probably heard of the name Pocket more than read.

Why Hasn’t The Name Just Become “Pocket”?

I can’t speak for certain and I can only speculate. A check of Google trends shows that “read it later” still generates some search returns and as such it could still keep the old name to pick up on some lagging search results in the app store and website.


Read it later is also the sort of phrase you might use to search for a similar service when you don’t know a brand name at all. However, this can’t make up a large amount of traffic, even if it is a higher portion in iTunes than on Google, it would have to be significantly higher to make a big difference.

However, I wonder if there is a simpler reason…has this just not made it onto someone’s to do list? Startups can be busy places and it’s easy for jobs and tasks to fall by the wayside, especially when they aren’t an essential task. Maybe it’s just been forgotten?

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