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Android or iOS

Lets state the obvious here: You are at an Apple website that covers Apple products, which includes all iDevices and iOS. So you can probably garner the opinion from just that sentence.
BUT, what I want to do is give my honest two cents around the conversation at hand and hopefully lend a little bit of honest common sense to the topic.

The question, Android or iOS?

Which is better and why? Okay so let’s state the obvious here:

  • There are a ton more Android phones out there.
  • Android is open source
  • iOS is only available on an iPhone
  • Carrier’s can do as they wish with Android

Okay now that we have that out of the way, let’s dissect why Android is the lesser of the two. Yes I did just say that.

It really all comes down to 1 major issue, namely Fragmentation.

Unlike the iPhone and the iOS platform, there are many types of Android devices (stated above), which leads to OS fragmentation. This can include but is not limited to, varying screen sizes, differing types of hardware, release candidates and more. This means that the user experience can vastly differ from user to user.

Case in point: At one point, yes even I, had an Android phone (actually went through three in a weeks time) as did my wife. The largest issue we had was troubleshooting the device. On my phone settings were in one place and on hers another, it was a nightmare. My wife, who cares less than nothing about which phone she uses, was begging for her iPhone back.

Fragmentation is the biggest reason I feel in the long run Android will fail. The cooked roms, the carrier backed roms, the lack of a platform really is the issue. Why on earth would someone want a top of the line Android phone knowing full well that next year when Google releases the next version of Android, it won’t be compatible.

When people ask me about why I went back to the iPhone or even why I would never go back, it’s plain and simple. Fragmentation.

iOS is simple, its elegant and it works on all iPhones. What more do you need. Don’t even get me into the fact that Apple appstore is heads and shoulders above the Google Store, let alone the quality of apps. Can you imagine being a developer for Android. You would need at least 40 phones to test your app on! That is insane!

So with my slanted opinion out of the way, what do you think? Are you a Mac and iOS guy/gal? Or are you a Mac/Android fanatic? Share your two cents below!

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  1. I agree fragmentation is a massive problem. But having just done a side by side comparison of the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II my main complaints were:
    1. Android was fast for a week, but as I installed more apps it slowed down and showed that classic Android glitchyness.

    2. The UI was just not amazing and the junky apps that came with the device were not great. Sure I can put on a different mod, but I just want my phone to work

    3. And maybe the biggest for me was the apps are just plain horrid. I searched for and downloaded what were considered to be the “Best Apps for Android” and was totally underwhelmed.