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Analytics3D: Analytics In A Whole New View

As I have wrote before, there is a serious lack of both native and 3rd party apps when it comes to tracking your site visitors via Google Analytics.
I have gone over 3rd Party Apps for Google Analytics already, but today I wanted to introduce to you Analytics3D, the new kid on the block.

Analytics3D is an app for the iPhone and iPad that combines 3D and multi-touch gestures to provide a new and interesting way to view and interact with data from the popular Google Analytics service.

Analytics3D brings to life your boring site statitics in a whole new way. Beautifully constructed graphs, textures and more all while using pushing and pulling of touch to see your data in a whole new way.

Once you add your details from Google, you are presented with a familiar look of your site name and then a bunch of reports you can view. And by view, I mean view!

You have reports of Traffic, Location, Mobile, Device, OS, Broswer, Source, Keyword, Social Network and more to pull your data from. Viewing it, is the fun part.

Pushing and pulling the globe, or the graphs really make this fun. While fun, the app leaves a bit to be desired if you are there for numbers. It gives you numbers and percentages at the bottom of the screen but doesn’t allow you to drill down to the level that some webmasters may want or need.

After speaking with Richard from Analytics3D though it seems as though more is coming!!

We wanted to focus on the presentation for the first version and have great plans for the future!

Overall this little app breathes fresh life into a stale niche on the App Store. As of right now, I am still hoping one day Google will release a native app that brings my Analytics into the iOS 7 ecosystem.

You can grab Analytics3D for the iPad and iPhone on the App Store or head on over to our new Facebook Page and get free promo codes!!

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