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Amazon Game Studios Announces 4 New Games Coming to iOS

Amazon Game Studios announced today that it’ll be bringing four games to iOS. Two brand new titles and two from their already established catalogue. There’s no specific release dates for any of the games or anything about pricing, but we do have a short description and a trailer for each of the titles. Keep reading to find out more…

Right, the two new games are called Lost Within and Til Morning’s Light and the other two are called Tales From Deep Space and To-Fu Fury and apparently they are very popular with customers at the moment. With no exact date on any of the titles, Amazon Gaming Studios say they’ll be available on the App Store in Spring/Summer 2015.

Lost Within

Lost Within aims to be the best immersive survival horror game on iOS and Fire devices. The game is set in an abandoned asylum that holds a horrific secret. Players must solve mysteries, craft powerful weapons, and choose between fighting or sneaking their way through its haunted halls. As they travel this demented landscape, players experience terror that comes along with uncovering the asylum’s dark past.

Til Morning’s Light

Til Morning’s Light is a character driven, action-adventure game. The game tells the story of Erica, a teenager who must escape a haunted mansion filled with ghosts and strange creatures by solving puzzles, defeating monsters and exploring the depths of the mansion. As a free bonus for customers, an audio prequel titled “The Private Blog of Erica Page” is available from

Tales From Deep Space

In the platformer, Tales From Deep Space, players guide two reluctant heroes as they solve clever puzzles in a comedic mis-adventure set in a bizarre space station called Big Moon. Players help E, a traveling salesman, and his loyal luggage drone CASI escape when Big Moon is thrown into lockdown. Tales From Deep Space features two-player, local co-op between devices and a free digital comic available at comiXology.

To-Fu Fury

In this puzzle-platformer, players cheat death, defeat enemies, and save the Fortune Kitty, a humorous action game where the player becomes To-Fu, a stretchy, sticky, flingy, and combative cube of bean-curd. Set in a distant land of dojos, temples, and ninjas, players must navigate To-Fu through deadly spikes, devious traps, and powerful enemies to free Fortune Kitty.

What do you think of these titles guys? Let us know in the comments below

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