in Flame Wars

Recently a friend of mine told me about his frustrations with Android.

“I just got a brand new Samsung S4 and only a few months later my phones already behind the curve. About 5 new top of the line phones have come out, two new OSs with updated features and the price of my phone has dropped loads. I kind of wish i’d waited for the price it is now, or for one of the newer phone but if I bought it now then it would be dated and if I got one of the new ones it will be out of date soon too.”

I know that this happens with technology products and it really seems to have picked up pace in recent years but Android really seems a step above the rest. Although some will say this is a sign of “innovation“, ultimately it’s pretty frustrating for a consumer [unless you have a huge bank balance]. Imagine buying your new device and then it’s dated a month later!

Not only that but the Android hardware manufactures seem pretty uninterested about supporting their older devices to get up to date. Even after committing to give handsets updates for at least two years the actual execution of this hasn’t exactly met the claims.

Apple’s Not Perfect

Admittedly Apple isn’t perfect here. We’re nowhere near the stage where you can simply swap in a new processor or camera (though really at some point you’re basically going to replace everything again) or where hardware can simply reorder itself and upgrade itself. AppleĀ still upgrades the hardware and after 2 years or so your handset isn’t going to get updated anymore. However, that’s much better than a month later finding out your device is already behind the times, discounted and no longer getting updated.

There are reasons why people choose Android over Apple but as a consumer, buying into an ecosystem where you know that the device in your hand will only get upgraded once a year giving you a once a year decision to upgrade is much more pleasing than wondering if another manufacturer’s new model will be better (even if it is just by a little) in one way or another.
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