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AirParrot and your Apple TV

Just the other day I finally caved and bought an Apple TV. I am not sure what took so long for me to make the decision but I am very happy that I did.

It defintely helped that ESPN and HBO were added in the latest update. Without ESPN online, I coudn’t enjoy my soccer as I do. And from time to time, when “winter is coming” I need my fill of Game of Thrones.

We live with Netflix and the Apple TV and it’s a pretty nice little setup. HBO and ESPN are free to cable subscribers as usual, which I must say is a bummer. Still waiting for the option to pay per channel!

Since getting the Apple TV, and using it pretty extensively, I had noticed a gap. I wanted to stream my movies from my Macbook Air to the Apple TV. I wanted to bring my screen straight to my TV if I could. Now I know that I can use AirPlay but it seems to be audio free. So I will use that for Podcasting and Working from home on my 40inch LED TV.

In comes  AirParrot.

AirParrot is a great app that allows me to do exactly what I want. With a little bit of magic and a lot of Wifi and I can stream movies that are on my HD straight to the tv. Sweet!

So those old DVDs that you backedup onto your network, or numerous other options can now be had on your TV with sound!

One of my favorite settings within AirParrot is that you have the ability of sending just one app to your screen. This allows the program to focus on just that app and make sure it gets to the TV the way you want it.

Underscan, video quality, max frame rate, forcing 720p, stretching apps to fill the Apple TV screen and more comes with this sub 10 dollar app. For such a small app that perchs in your menubar, 10 dollars is a great price for a well done product.

The downside to the program is that it does freeze from time to time. I haven’t had any issues with Beamer (another desktop to Apple TV app) but Beamer is a lot more simplistic, a more of drag and drop to the Apple TV type of app.

Overall the Apple TV is a great thing in the house and AirParrot only makes it better. Make sure you grab this app if you have any sort of media you want on the Apple TV that is not in iTunes but locally on your HD.

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