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One of the key features in a good todo application is the ability to seamlessly add an item and “get it out of your head” some applications have come up with some very clever ways to do this but iOS has some limitations with its design. After all you normally have to:

  • turn on (and unlock) the device
  • open the app
  • click on the option to “add a task”
  • type (or in a few cases, dictate) a task

and you are finally done! That’s not a great deal of steps but if you have a brainstorm when walking, running or doing something else, it is either a hassle to stop what you are doing, or you have to wait for an opportune moment.

However, with Omnifocus (or using stock reminders) there is a way to get round these obstacles and rapidly add a new item to Omnifocus using only siri. This means that you can simply pick up your phone and place it next to your head (if you have “Raise to Speak” activated) or hold the home button or headphone button to activate Siri. Then dictate your tasks to add the item to omnifocus.

How to set up Siri to add tasks to Omnifocus

  1. add a list in reminders with a custom name (for example Ominifocus)
  2. enter settings in Omnifocus
  3. enter the capture settings for reminders
  4. activate reminders capture and select the list you want to import from
  5. use Siri to add an item to your reminders list [the syntax is “Siri, add … to my “(custom name)” list.
  6. open your inbox and the item should be there now you can send it to whatever project or context it needs to go to.

If that’s still not clear, then check out our video guide below.

Now that you’ve set this system up, you can add a new task to your todo list just by lifting the device to your head. There are some other todo list applications which also support this function but many still don’t, let’s hope they get on board soon.

Do you know any other omnifocus or siri tricks?

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