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One of the features that first got me into (and has kept me in over time stopping me from going to rival companies) is the webclipper on Evernote. It’s such a great way to quickly save a useful article that you want to read again or even something you want to take bits of the information out of it.

For a long time I thought there was no way to simply clip articles from the web on the iPad but actually that is wrong. With a little but of work you can add a javascript link to your bookmarks that will allow you to clip your current webpage on Safari.

If you are up to the challenge then give it a go.

  1. Create a bookmark in Safari (you can even do it on this page.)


  1. Edit the name of the link to “Evernote Clipper”


  1. Change the link to the javascript below
  1. Save the link and you’re good to go!


5.Check your safari settings and make sure that you have allow third party cookies and applications. You can find this is under the general settings > Safari.

Now, if you want to clip a webpage all you need to do is

  1. Go to the page you want to clip
  2. open up your bookmarks
  3. click the Evernote clipper

and it will send it to Evernote. You will need to log into Evernote for the first time but once it has your details you are set to clip whatever you want on the web from your iPad or iPhone.

Evernote Clipper Bookmark In Action

example web page to clip
After pressing the bookmark
Evernote bookmark web clipper in action -
How it looks once you’ve clipped a page
An Evernote page that was clipped on iOS -

Unfortunately you can get the Evernote clearly widget (removing the stylesheet of the website and leaving you with only the main body of text and pictures from the article) but maybe Evernote will release a version in the future…if Safari on iOS ever gets web apps.

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