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A while back I picked up an app called AnyFont which lets you add, well, any font to your iPad. I didn’t use it for several years but kept it on my iPad. Last month, I needed it for the scrivener challenge and I was really glad I had it. If you need to use a specific font on your iPad, you need anyfont. Here’s how it works.

How to use add a font with anyfont

First of all you need to download AnyFont from the app store. Click here to get it it.
Now open up the app. Here, you have three tabs. Instal own fonts, bundled fonts and already installed fonts.
The final tab is useful to check what you have got on your iPad. You might find that you already have a font you need on it and what system fonts you can use.
The Middle tab let’s you unlock over 1000 fonts from the creator of the app. This only costs $0.99.
The first tab is where you need to go to install a new font.

The tricky part is getting your font file onto your iPad. You could email it to yourself or use a cloud storage system like dropbox. If you are using your iPad only, then you’ll want to download the font using a tool like documents 5 browser or icab browser. When you click on the font file, choose to open in AnyFont. Now it will create a font option in the “install own fonts”. When you click on this font, it will create a new profile for your iPad.

When you run that new profile, it will restart your iPad and you’ll have the new font on your ipad.

This can of course be done on your iPhone as well. There is another app which looks similar called FondFont but I haven’t personally used it so I can’t recommend it.

Useful but annoying

In some ways this sums up iPad productivity to me very well. It’s a great sign of how an app can help you do something cool with your iPad that you couldn’t do before. At the same time it shows how restricted iOS is. On almost every other operating system, this would be baked in. It’s also not as easy as just clicking on a font as you would on a different OS. Still, the fact of the matter is this is useful for iOS users.

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