Welcome to iPad guild a place to team up and do more with your iPad. This is a place for those who know just how powerful and useful the iPad can be and want to do more with their devices.

My name is Chris Wilson and I run iPad Guild. Like you I love my iPad and use it as my primary computing device. I was converted to iPad by Patrick Rhone extolling the virtues of the simplicity and lack of distractions of the iPad. Over time, as it became more powerful it rose to completely replace my Mac as my computing device.

What we do for you

We help iPad fanatics to do more with their devices so that they can create amazing work and live a better life.

What You Can Expect at iPad Guild

Our primary focus is on the iPad as that is the device this site is about, however, we will still cover other devices such as iPhones, Macs and even Windows and android devices if they apply to the iPad too (I.e. Syncing data etc.)
Our primary focus is about challenging people to do more with iPad and this comes out as 30 day challenges. Each month, we try to do something creative or entrepreneurial with iPad as a way to show you can get real work done, see what technical constraints we come up against and what apps and tools can help get stuff done.
Of course, the real challenge is the hard work in getting these projects to work, not the limitation of the iPad.
We also do

  • How to guides
  • reviews of gear and apps
  • Tutorials
  • tech news
  • link posts



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In case you are wondering, this is the gear I use to make and run iPad Guild.

IPad Air

I’m still on an iPad Air (first gen) though I do have eyes on one of those tasty new iPad Pros. I can’t use split screen but have slide over.

iPad Air

Logitech keyboard case

I have a Logitech keyboard case because, although I find screen typing to be good and at times the detachment is much better, I am still faster on a Physical keyboard and appreciate the keyboard shortcuts that have become more common recently. This is showing some nice signs of wear and tear now with the right shift key no longer working.

Logitech Bluetooth keyboard 

iPhone SE

I have just upgraded to the iPhone SE. After a long debate over whether or not to upgrade, the iPhone SE seemed a good balance of power and features for me (and longer battery life than a 6s Plus helped too). The final straw was my wife breaking her phone and I wanted to be able to give her my old 5S so we could message again.

iPhone SE

Fuji x100t

Most picture on this site are taken with the Fuji x100t

Fuji x100t

Anker back up battery

I have an Anker backup battery that is in my bag almost all the time. It can full charge my IPad or my phone several times over.

10000 mAh Backup Battery

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