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A new bug in iOS can completely brick 64-bit devices

Users over on reddit have reported a bug in the iOS firmware that will completely brick devices that have the 64-bit architecture, so that’s the iPhone 5s and above and the iPad Mini 2 and above. The bug apparently affects all 64-bit devices regardless of their firmware, so even if you’re on Apple’s latest iOS 9.3 beta firmware, you device will get bricked if you replicate the bug.

We’d like to start by saying we haven’t actually tested this bug, due to the seriousness of its implications, we don’t recommend trying it either. Now with that being said, some users decided to try it out for themselves…then later reporting they have a bricked device

To replicate the bug, you’d have to…
1. Go into Settings > General > Date & Time
2. Toggle ‘Set Automatically‘ to OFF
3. Then change the date to Jan 1, 1970
4. Reboot your device
5. Profit??

While you’d never actually change your devices date to Jan 1, 1970, yourselves, jailbreak tweak developer, ziph0n, has created a tweak to prevent malicious users from replicating this ‘bug’ on your device.

Jailbreakers can install the tweak BrickingDate from the following repo:

Users that aren’t jailbroken and replicated the bug, out of curiosity or stupidity, would have the take their device to an Apple Store and get it physically repaired. Apparently reconnecting the battery fixes this problem.

Apple have yet to release a statement acknowledging this bug or an update to fix it

[UPDATE] Apple issues a fix for the killer date bug in iOS

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