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A link to the iCreate tshirts

I finally got round to putting a link on the menu bar to the iCreate tshirts. This is to help people who are interested find these tshirts and see how successfully I can do this little challenge. Looking at the stats to the site so far and Twitter interactions, I know there is a long road ahead and I have helped myself. I suspect this challenge may well be a fail in the short term.

To make things worse, work has been extremely difficult and busy recently (I know you’ve all got your tiny violins out) and that has meant that I haven’t put as much time or effort into this challenge as I should have.

So big surprise, don’t put in the work, don’t see much return. Thankfully, the hump of this term should be ending (it’s easy street from here on out) and now it is time to dig deep and see what can come from this project. I’ve got a post coming soon about how I got the shirt together and the service I’m using, then it’s time to really kick the marketing machine into action.

You’re my only hope

By the way, if you have any advice, tips or ideas. I’d love to hear them.

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