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It’s been 7 years (to the day) since Steve jobs stood on stage to announce the iPhone revolutionizing the mobile phone industry at the time. Since then we’ve seen the big players react slowly and stagnate, and we’ve seen Apple and Samsung take the bull by the horns and become the two dominant phone companies on the planet. If you’ve got the time why not watch the highlights of Steve’s announcement once again.

Although Apple’s recovery was well underway by this point, the iPhone signaled a new stage of Apple’s growth and created a marketplace that is now filled with competitors. Before this point the smartphone had been a luxury that only executives really needed, after the launch of the iPhone it was no longer impossible to imagine everyone owning a smartphone.

Since then Apple’s introduced another revolutionary device in the iPad, introduced a series of updates to the original iPhone operating system (with features as common as copy and paste and the app store, to almost unnoticeable as no longer needing a PC to set it up), has also gone on to become the largest computer company and sadly the man who made the announcement has passed away.

There are a lot of voices calling for a new size iPhone (some even going as far as stating that Apple HAVE to do this) and still others who are saying that it’s already too late for Apple and that Android has won. I’m sure you don’t believe that (you’re far to clever for that) but whether you are optimistic about Apple and the iPhone’s future or are reconsidering your options I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ve come a long way and we smartphones wouldn’t be what they are today without the iPhone.

Check out this comparison of iOS screen all the way from iPhone operating system up to iOS 7

Every iPhone OS homescreen -

[Photo credits. Featured Image via Apple Insider other image via Gizmodo]

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