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The second beta version of iOS 7.1 has been pushed to developers showing some of the new features that are coming in the new version of iOS. Of course, Apple may strip these features out of the final version and appears to have removed the dark keyboard that was present within the first beta of iOS 7.1.

Calendar Regains A Separate List View

Annoyed that calendar seemed to lose it’s list view? Well it’s back as a separate option from the search section. There are now two buttons, one for search and one to switch between list and monthly view.
ios 7.1 calendar list view button

Buttons Look A Bit More Like Buttons

Flat design might favor using text as buttons but some guidelines are still useful. The latest Beta offers two options for users, bolder text or button outlines to help users distinguish buttons from text. This still has to be activated rather than coming as default so it may never be known about by the users who would most like it.
ios 7.1 buttons

Changes To Control Center

Control center has a new bouncing animation when you bring it up or lower it. It also has a new tag to show which audio source you are listening to. A small but welcome change.

Touch ID and Passcode Have Their Own Section In Settings

Instead of being nested within the general settings they now have their own top level within the settings menu. Making it slightly easier to navigate to now.
iOS 7.1 touch id

Faster Animations

This is the feature that most users will experience though may not register. That’s not to say that they aren’t significant, just it’s easier to identify when things slow down than speed up. Still this is a welcome feature especially for those using older devices.

Car feature

Perhaps most interestingly, Car display is now including in the settings. There are few details as to what this includes yet but it shows signs of Apple improving the connection between
Oh and the wallpaper from the iPad air tv ad has found its way onto the update as well.
Overall it looks like 7.1 is a smoothing of the design and ideas behind iOS 7. It doesn’t look like there are going to be any dramatic changes but subtle upgrades that all enhance the experience a little.
Which feature sounds most interesting to you?

[Via: 9to5mac]

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