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50 Dollar GelaSkins Giveaway

As you have come to know, we at Macdaily are more of a community rather than a single person or persons. As with all communities, there are differing opinions.
We all differ on the opinion of to case or not to case. This is a big question amongst a lot of us here at Macdaily, I like my iPhone naked, but Blake loves himself some cases.

Blake put together a wonderful post on some of the best iPhone cases and why. GelaSkins was on that list and have provided us with a 50 dollar Gift Code, for you our readers!

Thanks goes out to GelaSkins for this giveaway and for Blake for writing up a kickass review on the products they offer for you all who want an iPhone case. Hit up the jump and signup to win 50 dollars to cover your iDevices as you choose!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to you all. Please let us know what you end up purchasing!

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  1. I really enjoy what is being shared on this blog. I’d like to see more iOS tips & app opinions. Keep up the good work guys!

  2. I just joined MacDaily to follow what’s going on in the Mac world. I have everything Mac…you’d think I would have done this sooner! Looking forward to future blog posts!

  3. iOS, OS X, Tips, Reviews, App opinions. All of these are welcome to everybody who uses apple devices. No matter how much you think you know, there is always a possibility to learn or find out something new.About the giveaway, not that I am clumsy but my current case has worn out pretty obvious. My 2 year old now iPhone 4 is crystal clear and I want it to remain the same. So, to spice up the look, and to be confident that will remain scratchless, a cool gelaskin would be just great!

  4. I LOVE Gelaskins and constantly get compliments on my skins on my apple products. Nothing like a a little personal touch and great art on an Apple product.