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5 Mac OS X Tips You Must Know

As you know, Macdaily is all about sharing the knowledge about OS X and iOS. We want to make sure all the little tips and tricks are known by everyone.
Not only does it help you, it helps us keep sharp and keep an eye out for the latest hidden gems within our OS’s. I have pulled together some of my more used tips for our first of many Must Know Mac OS X Tips feature.

Some are small and hidden features, some will be right in front of your nose. Either way we want you all to know about them. Each and every one of them!

Here we go:

1. Finder Folder List

Finder is a tool we use daily. It sits in our docks and acts as if everything is okay. For the most part it is, but it could be better! Head over to Finder and launch the window itself. There should be a listing of folders on the left side of your Finder window (if not, go to the Finder menu bar and from the View menu select “Show Toolbar”). From this window, you can easily add your own folders with a drag and drop!

From within any folder, just drag to the left sidebar and place them where you would have them. Now you have instant access to the most used folders you have set up! Simple tip…hell yeah!

Custom Folders & Finder Folder Path

2. Add a Path Bar to the Finder

Adding a path bar to the bottom of Finder has been a HUGE satisfier for myself along with almost everyone I share this tip with. It is seen in the screen shot above at the bottom of the Finder window. It is simple to turn on and is amongst the first things I do when I setup my Macs.

To show it, go to View -> Show Path Bar. It really can’t get any easier.

3. Take Advantage of Quick Look

Quick Look can preview multiple documents at once. Select any number of items in your Finder window (or folder) then simply hit the space bar.

By pressing the left and/or right arrow keys on your keyboard you can now cycle through the opened items. Within Quick Look, the upper right corner shows an “open with” dialogue button which allows for the opening of said document in its associated application.

I don’t use this a lot but when I do it’s a handy little tool for sure.

4. Quick Close

Many people don’t know this little trick and it boggles my mind. When you are in an app, any app outside of Finder, you can close it with a very easy to remember keyboard shortcut. Command+Q closes all of the app’s windows because you are quitting the app entirely.

This is a must for all workflows if you ask me. I use this day in and day out.

5. Custom App Stacks


My dock is a place I hold near and dear to my heart as it’s the starting place for the magic that happens on my MBA throughout the day. So I keep it as clean as possible. I hate to have apps that I use once or twice a week, clogging up my dock space. So I decide to make a custom App stack for them.

An App stack is basically a folder with Application aliases in it on your dock. It’s easy to make an App stack, check out the instructions below.

  1. Make a folder somewhere,  I happened to make mine in the Applications folder so it was easy to find.
  2. Open up your system Applications folder in another Finder window. At this point you should have your new folder and your Applications folder open side by side.
  3. Now you have to make an Alias for your Apps you want in your stack. Hold down command + option keys and drag the app you want the folder you made.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for as many apps as you want in your stack.
  5. Drag the folder with all the aliases to the right side of your Dock, as seen in my screen shot above. OR wherever you choose.
  6. Thats it! Have fun keeping your dock clean!

We hope these tips will serve you as well as they serve us day in and day out!

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