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4 Shortcut Improvements I’d Like to See

The upgrades to workflow really did justify a new name. While the improvements to Shortcuts have been great, I can still see ideas for further improvements that would make shortcuts even better.

1. Custom share menu

Activating a shortcuts from the share menu is okay, but I’d like to be able to create a custom share sheet icon that activates one shortcut (which could be a shortcut with a menu).

2. Folders or some other organisation method

When you get more than a few shortcuts, it can be tricky to find the shortcut you are looking for. Folders (or some other organisation system that I can’t think of) would really help get to and use the shortcut you’d like.

3. Keyboard shortcuts

Using your voice works in some cases, but there are moments when you’re in an app and would like to activate a shortcut. Yes, you can pull down the widget screen or share sheet, but keyboard shortcuts would be a lot quicker.

4. MOAR integrations

I want them all! Not just more apps, but more within apps. Things like adding more specific actions to Toggl without the need to use toggl’s API. Or forest (so i can plant a tree and track my time at the same time).

Your ideas?

Anything else that you’d like to see in shortcuts? Add a comment.

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  1. Copy/paste when creating Shortcuts. Much, much longer text fields (5 or 6 lines? not enough). A way for variables copied from text objects to survive round-tripping to a real text editor. More icons. Ability to import custom icons (.svg, favicon, etc.).