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3 Things the iPad Should Steal From the Pixel Line

When I saw the Made by Google event, the Pixel Slate looked like had the answer to a few of my current iPad frustrations. With the Pixel Slate finally available to buy, I thought it would be good to look at a few things the iPad should steal from the pixel line, and a few things they shouldn’t.

1) 2 USB C ports

One USB C port is better than none, but having an extra one would be a major plus. It would remove the need for a dock in some cases and make setting up easier.

2) “Desktop Class Browser”

There certainly are issues with this Apple tech world meme, but its prevalence highlights real issue. Yes, it’s not Apple’s fault, yes some web developer are doing bad things and not follow good practice but its Apple’s problem. Apple has two options, a “desktop class browser” (which really means the next item) or play the waiting game.

Some people point to How Apple got rid of Flash as past precedence for the waiting approach but a key thing to remember is that Apple’s flash stance has been going on almost as long as the iPad has been around and while progress was quickly made against flash, the Desktop website situation (and full powered mobile app) may actually be worse than before.

2b) Trackpad mode?

Honestly, I think trackpad mode would deal with many of the “desktop class” issues that people cite. A trackpad means you can drag and drop while scrolling and have hover states, issues for the iPad’s touch interface. It would also help when using an external display. I added a question mark as I feel uncomfortable with this idea. By adding a trackpad there is a risk that developers will be lazy and just go back to old paradigms which really don’t work as well on a tablet.

At the same time, you can still access the terminal on a Mac AND you have the GUI. Perhaps having both options isn’t a terrible idea.

3) Firm Keyboard

I really like my 10,5 smart keyboard (technical issues aside) and I do wonder about the situations when people want to use their iPads on their laps (on public transport? Holding in your hands or resting on your lap and using the onscreen keyboard is great for short journeys. On the sofa? Again, the on screen keyboard is great for a short time and if you are using it for an extended time, maybe you should just use a desk?) but still just because I don’t get it, doesn’t mean that other people shouldn’t want it. A firmer keyboard, like the Pixelbook, with more angles would be good.

Things they shouldn’t take

Of course, the Pixel line has its own issues that Apple definitely shouldn’t take.

1) The bugs

It seems Chrome OS is still pretty buggy in tablet mode. Now, maybe you wouldn’t use a pixel device in tablet mode and maybe you don’t use an iPad in tablet mode either (you do you). Regardless, bugs are bad.

2) The crazy line up

As bad as Apple’s confusing line up is, I have a pretty good idea of how powerful a MacBook I’d need for different tasks. With the Pixelbook, things are pretty simple but I honestly have no idea how powerful a Pixel Slate I’d need. My guess is I’d need one of the top two models which would be over $1000.

3) The Fingerprint Scanner

I loved touchID but now I’ve got FaceID on my iPhone, I can only imagine how much better it is on the iPad. A fingerprint scanner is okay, but FaceID is better.

What do you think?

Are there any features you think Apple should steal from the Pixel line? What about things they shouldn’t steal?

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