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Some of us have to use Windows at work or haven’t been able to shell out the cash for a Mac to go with their iOS device. If this is you then you might have faced the often present dilema of which browser to choose on your devices. There are probably a few factors that you have considered but I suspect a couple of the most important ones are:

  • What can I use on every single device (seeking a unified experience)?
  • Can I access my bookmarks and preferences on every device?

With other factors such as the speed, easy and design of the browser also paying an important part. In the past it was a no brainer. If you wanted a good cross platform browser that you could sync bookmarks and preferences between devices you choose Chrome from Google as it offered (and still does) an attractive browser and syncs your records.

However, with people increasingly moving away from Google products as they ramp up their data capturing and advertising stratergies, and with the vast improvements in both Safari on iOS and Mac, more people are turning to Safari as they browser solution.

Unfortunately, Safari on Windows is a long since abandoned project and is missing many of the better features. So how can you get you keep using Safari gaining the benefits of it’s faster engine on iOS and yet gain access to your bookmarks on a Windows device no matter what browser you use? Simple, using iCloud sync.

Step One: Choose a browser to use along side Safari on Windows

Okay, you’re going to have to sacrifice your unified browsing experience to do this trick and if that is vitally important for you then you probably shouldn’t follow this guide. Otherwise follow alone. You can choose either Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Just choose one and set it as your default browser.

Step Two: Download and Install iCloud On Your Windows PC

Headover to Apple’s iCloud support and download iCloud for Windows, then install it onto your computer and sign in with your iCloud account.

Step Three: Allow iCloud to Sync Bookmarks

Once you’ve installed iCloud for Windows, all you need is to allow it to sync your bookmarks and you will gain access to all you iCloud bookmarks on to your windows device and instantly you’ll get your iCloud bookmarks on your windows device as well.

Step Four: Enjoy!

That’s really all you need to do and from now on your bookmarks will sync with between your Apple device and your Windows device. I know it’s not a perfect solution and you just can’t get the same browsing experience on Windows as you can on Apple products unless you choose a third party browser (this is particularly bad on iOS as other browsers can’t use the same, faster java engine that Safari can.) But at least with this work around you can access your bookmarks on Apple and Windows devices.

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