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3 Reasons Macs Are Better Than PCs

More often than not, I get confronted online and off as to why I think Macs are better than PCs. I must say it’s easier to speak with someone about it than write about, but I will try my best to be as clear as possible.
We (Macdaily) are here because of the hard work and love Apple has put into their products. It shows and we are thankful for that.

I am not here to bash PCs, well maybe, but that is not our focus. The focus is to point out why Macs are better machines. Better than the personal computers running Windows. My aim is to draw a fine distinction between the two machines and the softwares they run.

Not only do I write about this stuff, I use it. Day in and day out. And this is why we (team Macdaily) feel that Macs are better than PCs.

Here we go!

They work:

This falls under the category of common sense, and pertains to the hardware and software of Mac and OS X. Apple has delivered a line of machines that just work.

Without saying, Macs are known for their beauty, workmanship, design, stunning graphics and much more. The lines on the Macbook Air, the pixels crammed into the retina screens, what more can be asked for. But if we dig deeper, and forgo the beauty, the machines still stand on their own. And stand well. They stand the test of time. Some of us even have 20 year old Macs that still run!

The Apple hardware is made to last. The time is taken up front to investigate the best materials, the best construction AND the best ways to make it look great to the consumer. Apple’s hardware is designed hand in hand with the software that runs on it. The software is easy to use for beginner’s such as my 74 year old father to the power users behind

So it’s the combo that makes them deadly, both the hardware and the software works. It just does.

They are easier to use:

As stated above, Apple delivers software and hardware that is so integrated it’s hard to tell other wise. When asked, most folks we speak with have come to love their Macs out of ease of use. Easier workflows, easier OS, easier on the eyes. The way you interact with a Mac and OS X is just easier.

From a Mac user, Leigh:

Macs are so much easier to use; many beginners find it easier to do most tasks intuitively, without having to be taught or open a manual. As someone who has spent long hours teaching family and friends how to do simple tasks like email attachments, I can you tell that the same cannot be said about Windows.

With built in tools such as Spaces and Launchpad, it only gets easier. Once you curve your beginner’s appetite and want more, OS X can easily quench your thirst for all of you power users out there. Terminal, Automator and many more built tools (not bloatware) can help you open whole new areas on your Mac. The options are endless, the power is great, and even we at Macdaily and our OS X Tips cover a gamut of knowledge from beginner to old pro.

It’s just easier.


Whether it’s an iPod and iTunes, or your iPhone and iPhoto, or even your iPad connecting with Airplay, the integration that Apple puts together is amazing.

My Macbook Air is the central hub of integration between photos, documents, music, and much more. Take away the MacBook Air and I am left with less than ideal solutions. Yes you could do this with a PC, but it would cost you a ton of money for the 3rd party hardware, the 3rd party software and the time you would have to take to learn all the nuances.

With the Mac, it just works, right out of the box and onto your lap.

Here are a few more bonus reasons:

  • Great battery life
  • Fewer viruses
  • Support is fantastic
  • Customer service is great
  • Made with high quality parts
  • NO Bloatware

So why do you use a Mac, what makes it better than a PC for you?

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