Free App Friday – Reeder

Last week on Free App Friday we showcased a comic book hero in Usagi Yojimbo, a slicing and dicing ninja from the world of TMNT. What more could you want.

Well this week, we are super stoked for you all that the amazing Reeder app is free on the App Store! Reeder is the best RSS Reader out there let alone apps, on the App Store.

Top 5 Must Have OS X App

When you purchase a new Mac, OS X comes with so many built in pieces of software, that it makes it hard not to be content. No bloatware at all, just software that works. Unless you want to use a browser other than Safari, you could be set for a while depending on your wokflows. For many, you don’t need much more. But for some there are a select few apps out there that truly make the Mac better. My Macbook Air goes to work with me so my use differs dependant upon the time of day but the below 5 apps are used in all workflows.

Caffeine: Keep Your Mac Awake

There are times when I want my Mac to not go to sleep or even start the screen saver.  These of course are settings that you can change in your Mac system preferences as I have discussed previously.  The problem with that of course, is when you change the settings for a temporary reason, you have to change them back again.  First world geek problem as it may be, it is still annoying and in my opinion just screams for a small, well written application to step in and save the day but in an inconspicuous manner.  Let me introduce you to, Caffeine!

The name of this little application is spot on!  If you are starting to run low on energy and need an extra, though admittedly temporary, boost one of the things you may reach for is a hot steaming caffeine filled cup of hot brown.  Well, the creators over at Lighthead Software were thinking along those same lines when they created one of the neatest little utilities called Caffeine.