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There are several movements that are keen for people to start coding this year. Code year encourage people to start learning to code in 2014 and then there is “Code for America“.

All these initiative point out how useful and powerful coding can be. I’m not saying that coding is for everyone (though going through the thought process of coding something and logic problems certainly is useful for everyone.) but If you want to learn to code this year here are some tools to help you learn to code on your iPad wherever you maybe.

Code academy

Code academy is a site a love. It’s basically the website I used to rekindle my dying HTML skills. Now, they’ve added a great iOS app so you can learn how to code on your iPad. However, at the moment the iPad application is limited to the basic understanding of programming and some basic HTMl.

Of course you can access the website which Is not just limited to HTML and CSS. You can also pick up ruby, javascript, python, php, jquery and apply it in some practical projects.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Why not listen to some coding podcasts on your iPad? I prefer to use my iPhone but if you just have a iPad then this is a great tool for absorbing some content via an audio medium and can be done on the go. The list of programming podcast is long but I recommend this breakdown on Stackoverflow.


Udemy is a great digital learning platform that focuses on video instruction. This can be really handy when it comes to learning how to code as you can see exactly how to use the tools and what should appear on the screen at the right time. You can even have this running on your iPad while you follow along on your Mac.

Udemy - Online Kurse
Udemy - Online Kurse
Developer: Udemy
Price: Free+


Treehouse is a premium online web development training site. This means that unlike some other options it has a monthly fee ($25 for the basic videos, code challenges and access to the forum and $49 for everything from the basic and extra special workshops and pro talks).

Treehouse also have an iPad app that grants you access to their content while you are on the go but you will still need a treehouse account to access their material. It’s not cheap but it is high quality.

Games to learn to code

Recently in the Appstore iTunes put a “learn to code” section. Many of these apps are games which get you to code. Some are certainly aimed at the younger audience but most of them aren’t incompatible with adults and could be an easy introduction. Just head over to the iTunes store and check out the selection.


tryRuby is similar to Code academy, but in this case you learn start Ruby for free from the start instead of Javascript…just Ruby though and it is only the basics, however, it will run on your iPad from the mobile website)

Itunes U

iTunes U also has some courses to help you learn some pretty awesome things from woodwork to advance mathematics. So it should be no surprise that there are a range of iTunesU courses from schools and universities and at different levels.

One of the great things about a good iTunesU course is that it won’t just be video or audio but also activities to do as well.

Apps to Code on

Of course, you’ll need some apps to write code on and actually put these courses into practice. With the exception of Codeacademy,you can’t actually practice the code within the app, and even then it is just for the app. Why not get an application which you can then make a final version on.

Diet coda

Diet Coda is an app from the same people who bought you Coda and was built to scratch their own itch. How could they take just an iPad on holiday and use it to Code, repair a website if it went down or other high end task that previously could only be done on a full Mac.

Diet Coda is simple to use, designed for Touch coding app which can be used to do high end tasks.

Developer: Panic, Inc.
Price: 27,99 €


Koder is similar to Diet Coda but from a different company. It is another tool in your coding arsenal to write code on the go with no more than an iPad in your bag.

Koder Code Editor
Koder Code Editor
Developer: Fauzan Hamdi
Price: 3,49 €


Pythonista adds a python engine into your iPad. Providing you with some great features and abilities on your iPad via the simple language of Python. Federico Viticci has shown just how much can be done with this application.

Developer: omz:software
Price: 10,99 €

Tools to help you plan your code

For some coding it’s easy to imagine a single line or two that you need to implement. But for more complicated web design or automation you may need to create a visual prompt first which you can then implement. Thankfully there are a few iPad tools to do that too!

iMockups for iPad

If you need to draw web mockups or design the wireframe of your new app on the go, then iMockups could be a great app for you. Sometimes it’s great to get the visuals out before you attack the code, and this will help you see what you want to make first. There are alternatives like ommigraffel which show that this is a real situation where using the iPad makes a lot of sense.

iMockups for iPad
iMockups for iPad
Price: 7,99 €
The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Complicated programming procedures can be hard to think through. If you are more visually inclined then you might want to get them on a screen before you start implementing. Grafio is a great freemium app that can’t help you create a visual way to see the programming process.


With some of these tools and some elbow grease there is absolutely no reason why you too couldn’t learn to code and develop websites, web applications or even your own iPad and pick up all the skills on your iPad too.

Do you code? Have you got a top tip to help learn to code using an iPad?

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