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If you were lucky enough to get your first iDevice over Christmas or just upgraded to a new one then you might be looking for some good applications to add on to your device. With that in mind here are some obvious applications to add on to your new device. Almost all of them don’t cost to download the application and many of them provide a free service even if they have a premium service as well.

1. Evernote

The iPad was made for making the move towards going paperless and no app can help this process more than Evernote. Evernote can in effect become your digital brain or document management system for all your important documents. On the face of it, Evernote just looks like a text editor which you can access from any device, allowing you to seemlessly start and finish writing on any device you happen to have with you.

However, once you start to dive deeper into evernote and clip your favorite articles for later, save recipies, store important contact information, share and collaborate on notes with other people. Evernote is an incredible powerful application and the more you use it for, the more powerful it get. Just make sure you use it right. You might want to consider picking up a good guide like Evernote essentials.


2. Kindle

There is a reason the ipad is designed to look like an standard pad of paper and the iPad mini is more similar to a small book. Reading on the iPad is a pure joy (espeically with the high quality retina displays) and having a good application for books is important. Although the default iBooks is a great application and I often find the iBooks formatted books to be suprior quality to kindle ones, the kindle and amazon book store is larger and transfers better across devices.


3. Mailbox

Managing your email is a tough task and a mobile device can either help or add to that missery. Mailbox (recently aquired by Dropbox) is one solution to that problem. It introduces a way to help you manage your email similar to the Getting Things Done system. You can either archive or delete your emails with a simple swipe to the right if it is something to remove quickly. Alternatively you can delay the email till later (either that day or another) or add it to an action list for processing later along with other mail. Of course, you can always reply to emails as well.

It might not be the best solution for every, espeically as you can get pinged a lot by notification of new emails, still many users find Mailbox to be a suprior mail management tool to the default application.


4. Dropbox

Although Evernote can store a lot of different document types and is great for personal management. Dropbox is a great alternative that offers serveral features that benefit collaboration. Most notably you don’t have to have a premium account to share a folder with files and you can also upload any file types into a folder system rather than into a note.


5. Twitter/Facebook etc

We could easily fill this whole list with different social medai network apps but that would be really boring wouldn’t it. So instead I’m giving them one entry. Personally I don’t have too many social media applications and for Facebook I prefer the mobile website but for networks like Pressgram and Twitter where the apps are either neccasary or better.

6. The iWorks Suit

With Apple changing all the iWorks app to a free model (admitedly with a couple of in app purchases) they provide some good, high quality, standard application for word processing, making spreadsheets, presentation and even music using Garageband.

7. OmniFocus

Okay this is probably a controversial one and there are plenty of alternative to do applications including the standard reminders application that comes with any idevice but omnifocus is the favorite todo app of many GTD fanatics. As such I’m recomending Omnifocus, which also happens to be my todo list application too.


8. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the classic mobile app game and now comes in many flavors from various different themes of seasonal, space, with friends, a racing version or even playing as the piggs from the series. If you want to check out a game you can’t go too wrong with one of the Angry bird games.

9. Flipboard

If you want to read a variety of news source as well as from your social streams then having a good service that promotes the most important ones and promotes the better ones is very valuable. Flipboard does this just and will present the most important articles from across your news sources in an attractive formate.


10. Yahoo Weather

Yes I know you can just look out of the window to find out the weather but to know the weather in advance and the yahoo weather app is a brilliant one. It not only shows you accurate record of the weather but it also takes flickr pictures from your location at that time of day with the right weather conditions and uses it as the background. It’s a great simple and free weather application.

Yahoo weather

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