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Add Any Font To Your IPad With AnyFont


A while back I picked up an app called AnyFont which lets you add, well, any font to your iPad. I didn’t use it for several years but kept it on my iPad. Last month, I needed it for the scrivener challenge and I was really glad I had it. If you need to use a specific font on your iPad, you need anyfont. Here’s how it works. How to use add a font with anyfont First of all you need to download AnyFont from the app store. Click here to get it it. Now open up the app. Here, […]

TeeSpring Now Useable on the iPad…kind of.

teespring tshirt large

In my Tshirt challenge that I took a while back, I found that the teespring tshirt creator tool was incompatible with the iPad. I’m guessing it was due to using flash. Well, now the teespring tshirt creator tool can be accessed on your iPad. If you head over to teespring, and click on create/sell. Now the tshirt creator tool will load and allow you to add an image and text. You can also select different options such as the colour of the tshirt and whether it is a men’, women’s tshirt or even a hoody. However, it’s not all perfect […]

iOS Tips: Turn on LED Flash Notifications

iPhone LED notifications image no text

Although the “ping” of a notification and the buzz from your iPhone are useful ways to be alerted to a new message or important prompt from an App, you might still miss them. If you are hard of hearing, have your phone across the room (and on a soft surface which absorbs the noise from your phone’s speakers or vibrations) then you might want a more visual form of notification. The good news is that you can turn on LED flash notifications where your iPhone will flash to let you know that you have a notification. That’s right, you might […]

7 Reasons Why the iPad Is Perfect for Writing

Ipad on desk for writing

I suspect the headline is something you either believe to be true or completely disagree with depending on your perspective. Just like Marmite, writing on the iPad is truly a love or hate affair. I’m firmly in the love camp and so today I’m going to try and convince the doubters and rally the supporters. Here are 7 reasons why the ipad is perfect for writing (almost) 1. One app at a time (kind of) The original iPad had a real focus on using one application at a time. With the full screen mentality rather than the windowed environment, you […]

November 2016 iPad Challenge NaNoWriMo

November iPad challenge 2016 nanowrimo

For Novemeber’s Hustle challenge, I thought I’d invite you to join in with me. That’s because November is home to an annual challenge which many people take part in. NaNoWriMo. If you’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo, it is an annual challenge where people aim to write a Novel (50,000 words) in the month of November (National Novel Writing Month). I’ve tried this challenge before and got pretty far, I didn’t finish my novel in the month but I did later on. I’ve also tried taking some different takes on NaNoWriMo that other people have advocated. These include writing a non-fiction […]

4 Ways to Create Depth of Field Photos Without an iPhone 7 Plus


One of the key new features in the iPhone 7 (plus at least) is the dual cameras and their fake depth of field effect. This feature lets you create an effect that previously would have required a dedicated camera with expensive lens to recreate. Unfortunately, not everyone has an iPhone 7 Plus. So here are a few alternative methods for how you can create great looking depth of field and bokeh photos using whatever iOS device you currently have. The Instagram method For a very long time certain camera apps have had fake depth of field and blur effects. Instagram […]