WatchOS 5 Proposal from Matt Birchler

watchOS 5: A Relatively Modest Proposal

Matt Birchler, the WatchOS reviewer extraordinaire, set out some “modest” proposals for the next version of WatchOS, WatchOS 5. Now, Matt doesn’t work for Apple so these are merely his ideas and wishes but they include some that I’m sure you can relate to. His WatchOS 5 proposals include

I have no doubt that these ideas would help Advance the Apple Watch even further, third party watch faces could be fantastic (but I imagine Apple would want to review them still). I suspect further 3rd party Siri integration requires more third party intergrations in Siri in general (including the iPhone).

Is there anything you’d like to see in the Apple watch? Hit me up on Twitter.

How to get two app icons on your iPad homescreen

The new dock has been a great addition to the iPad in iOS 11 and has made getting to those those apps which you use a lot very easy. This has made many people question how they should layout their homescreen(s) since these changes. Some people have moved to putting several apps into a folder so that they can access any of their apps from multitasking whenever they need. However, after a recent video a watcher requested a different kind of idea for their homescreen. They wanted two app icons on their homescreen, one in the doc and the other on the homescreen.

There are a few reasons why you might want this sort of set up. Perhaps you want the quick and easy to access doc, but still want to keep a similar layout to your iPhone set up. Or perhaps you want to have a deep folder system on your dock and a simple to navigate homescreen with single apps. Or perhaps you want to do something more impressive that we’ll look at later. Well there is a simple tool to help. Check out the video

Workflow, the key to multiple app icons on your homescreen.

Workflow is an app which is now run by Apple. It lets you chain actions together to do things such as stitch photos together to create a gif and then upload it to a cloud storage system. You can trigger these workflows in several ways including from the action extension in the share sheet, from a widget, by pressing the trigger in the app or by creating an app icon for your homescreen.

How to Use Workflow to get multiple app icons on your homescreen

Workflow has different levels of support for different apps. In some cases it is deeply connected allowing for some really powerful actions. This includes apps like Ulysses where it can do many different actions. In some cases it can only do basic actions such as opening an app.

However, even this basic function is useful creating multiple app icons. First it helps to find an icon to use, or you can use workflows built in app icon generator, whatever you prefer.

Next start creating your action. Simple create a new workflow, then go to the action option. Next start typing either the name of the app you wish to open, or if you don’t have that option, you can type “open app”.

Next customize the appearance by clicking the setting wheel. Then click on icon. If you have the app icon then you can click homescreen, and select photo so that it can be your icon. Otherwise you can choose the colour you want and then the glyph for your icon. The services section has some of the more popular app icons.

Finally click add to homescreen and then follow the instructions to add the icon to your homescreen.

Now you can move this icon around as you like. For example, you might want to have an option to add a task to your todo application by simply pressing the app icon. This might make sense for your homescreen so that you can unlock your iPad and then add a task quickly without even launching the app.

Give it a go!

Making and Editing a Video on the iPad Pro with LumaFusion Pro

That’s right, this week I’m making a video on the iPad using LumaFusion Pro. Seeing as this site is all about doing more with iPad, it made sense to try and make a video using only my iPad Pro 10.5. The video that I edited in this video was last weeks “How to delete apps on iPad (iOS 10 and iOS 11).” The fact that video was shorter certainly helped with the challenge, but this video was also edited in LumaFusion Pro. In between the two episodes I learnt a lot more about LumaFuison Pro and it’s more powerful features and used some of them in the editing of this video. Check it out.

Apps and tools

I probably could have helped myself further if I had the larger 12.9″ iPad Pro rather than my smaller 10.5″ iPad Pro due to the bigger screen on the larger iPad. Still, the only area where I really struggled with screen size was trying to zoom in and out so I could pan quicker and move items around. Cutting and pasting clips was also a bit tricky on the iPad. There was no obvious way to clip a small section, then quickly move to where I wanted to place it. Instead I often had to zoom in and then slowly drag across the whole interface.

How Good is editing video on an iPad Pro?

To be honest, I knew this wasn’t going to be the greatest challenge in the world as I had edited video on an iPad before using iMovie. Back then I noted that iMovie on the iPad missed a few features that it had on the mac and it felt very basic (many iMovies looked fairly similar). LumaFusion Pro certainly adds some new options and power and there are a load of features which I haven’t worked out or discovered yet (I keep seeing suggested YouTube videos with tips and tricks).

As such I’m going to stick with LumaFusion Pro for now and try to work out how I can use it better. I might do an updated video when I find out more and have got better to grips with it.

What challenge would you like to see next?

How to Delete iPad Apps in iOS 10 and iOS 11

how to delete apps on the iPad iOS 10 and 11

Have you ever installed an app on your iPad only to later find it useless or not what you wanted? Maybe you need to clear up some space on your iPad memory. Well in this video we look at how to delete ipad apps on both iOS 10 and iOS 11.
We cover both iOS 10 and iOS 11 because deleting apps in iOS 11 is slightly different from deleting apps on iOS 10 so this will get you ready for iOS 11 or sort out your old iPad.

Find out how to delete iPad apps here.

So the process to delete iPad apps in iOS 10 is

  1. go to the home screen
  2. Long press on any application for around 2 seconds
  3. When the applications start to “jiggle” and a circle with an x appears, tap the x.
  4. Press delete in the delete dialogue box.

The process to delete an app on iOS 11 goes

  1. Go to the home screen
  2. Long press on any application, keep long pressing till the jiggle and a circle with an X appears
  3. Tap the circle with the X
  4. Press delete in the delete dialogue box
  5. Wait for a second and the app will be deleted.

As you can see, the addition of drag and drop has made this process a little more difficult in iOS 11. In the past you had to get into (as I call it) ‘dance mode’ where you can start to move apps around and also delete apps. Now if you hold an app for a little less time than the old long press, you’ll get into drag and drop and you can move apps around there. This means there is a clearer distinction between rearranging applications and deleting applications in iOS 11. Still, if you burry an application in a folder somewhere, you need to search for it and find it before you can actually delete it regardless of whether you run iOS 11, 10 or an older version.


Back to School iPad Apps

With the start of the new school and college years, it’s time to get your tools together that you will use to effectively study and produce your assignments at collage or school. The iPad is the perfect device for studying with due to its portability and power allowing it to aid and easy both your study and production of graded material. However, there are some apps that are either necessary or very useful for studying or production.

In this video we start by looking at organisational tools, then assignment production tools, before moving on to textbooks and other resources to find out new information before finally some apps to switch off.

Although many of these apps are relevant to students, they are also useful for non-students who want to be productive and continue their own learning and advancement.



Calendars are great for staying on top of social, work and study commitments. They’ll also help you track when assignments are due and you can share them with family members.

Task Management

The busier you are, the more vital a task management tool becomes. These help you break down your projects and monitor your progress on different tasks.


Taking notes is important at different stages of study including research, planning and collaborating. There are lots of different tools including the built in Apple notes. But there are some more exclusive options which provide interesting options including audio recording.


The built in Pages tool is free and offers many functions, but you may well need to grab Microsoft word and a Office 365 subscription for a larger iPad.


Like words, presentations can also be produced with Keynote (a free Apple app) but Powerpoint is a good alternative.


Mindmapping is a great way to plan assignments and organise notes. Some people love it, others…not so much. Mindnode allows you to organise text, pictures and links.


Documents from Readdle will help you organise your files and send them between different apps.


Reading is what the iPad excels at and there are a few great tools you might want to check out.


Getting references are a pain in the neck (especially if you need to change referencing style). Easybib helps you get your references right and quickly!



Of course some people will need very specific apps relevant to their subjects and as we are individuals, what you like may not be the same thing that I like. As such I’d love to know.

What apps do you use to learn and study?

iPad Pro 10,5 2017 review

iPad 10,5 review

After three years of using an iPad Air (the original one) I finally upgraded to the new iPad pro 10,5 along with the Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. I hoped that this would finally be the device that would become my exclusive device. The advantages of the portability and flexibility of the iPad but the power and multitasking of a modern computer. While iOS 11 isn’t out yet (apart from the public beta) I’ve found the new iPad pro 10,5 to be a great device. check out the review. [P.s. I know I’m late to the game but I wanted to give it a proper test first]

Pro-motion and wider colour gambit

The new iPads feature the “pro-motion” screen along with the P3 colour gambit that was in the last iPad pros. This leads to a much smother experience but also helps with the battery life as it will use the refresh rate it needs, when it needs it (watch a film at 24 frames a second, it’s at 24 frames a second, scroll a screen or use the Apple pencil, 120 frames a second. Just have some text on screen, 30 frames a second.)

TouchID second generation and speed bump

The second generation of touchID sensor along with the faster processor and 4gb of ram make the device really snappy and fast as well as powerful for multi-tasking and switching between applications.

The Apple Smart Keyboard

The apple smart keyboard isn’t a perfect keyboard for writing for long periods of time, but it is a great portable keyboard that packs away well. It has a surprisingly good bounce and makes a pretty pleasant sound as well.

The Apple Pencil

The apple pencil is an exceptional stylus with amazing control that is even enjoyable for non-designers. That’s because you can use it to scroll pages on the web or navigate through apps. This can be relaxing and nicer than poking with a finger. It can also be a lot of fun to mess around making some sketches and doodles as well.

If you are a designer then there are some powerful applications you can use as well.


The new iPad Pros (both the 10,5 and 12,9) are a big step forward, and with the new features coming to iOS 11 later this year, they will gain an extra step forward still. This is my main device now (though the iPad Air was basically my main device before I had it). Maybe it can do the same for you, or maybe there are still some tasks which it isn’t best suited too.

What do you think of the new iPads?

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