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10 New iMessage Features in iOS 10

10 new imessage features in IOS 10

Share Tweet PinShares 0The huge standout feature of iOS 10 has been iMessages. The little updates have helped it move from an app I occasionally use with a couple of people on iPhones, to the app I wish everyone I knew used to communicate with. Whether this will ever happen and I’ll be able to communicate with friends who have Android devices over iMessage will have to remain to be seen (I’m not holding my breath) but there are some great new features in iMessages for iOS 10 that you should really check out. 1. Stickers Stickers have come to […]

Why I’m Excited About AirPods


Share Tweet PinShares 0It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of EarPods. I’ve written my own odd to EarPods where I praised a few of their core features. Even though they come in the box and I have bought other earphones, I keep returning to EarPods. Those features (and more) make me very excited for the future of AirPods and it probably should make you excited about AirPods too. Why EarPods are good I won’t go into my full post on EarPods but here are the reasons I like EarPods (they may not apply to you). They feel great […]

How To Upload SEO Images to WordPress Using an iPad?


Share Tweet PinShares 0One of the things that really annoyed me about using WordPress with my iPad are the issues that arise when you try to upload an image to WordPress. There are a lot of elements to optimizing your images for SEO and social media. Unfortunately, when you upload from an iPad it does so in a way which is very bad for the SEO status of your images. If you want to have good SEO value then they should have a good descriptive name when they are uploaded so the images URL helps with SEO as well as the […]

Withings Activite: Is it better than an Apple Watch


Share Tweet PinShares 0Over the last couple of years I’ve tried a couple of smartwatches (though not the Apple watch, yet). I started off trying out the Moto 360, which while better on Android, had a frustrating battery life and brought negative side effects along with the benefits. So in contrast the Withings Activite line seemed to be a perfect choice which combatted many of the issues with smart watches without adding the downsides. If you have wondered about a smartwatch but the Apple watch didn’t seem right for you, then perhaps the Withings activite line will speak to you better. […]

Could The iPhone 7 Replace Your Camera?

Apple iphone 7 plus camera

Share Tweet PinShares 0For many this question was answered a long time ago when a previous iPhone (or even…Android phone) replaced their point and shoot camera. Yet, sales of more expensive cameras (DSLRs and Mirrorless systems) actually rose and then held stead for a long period of time after the release of the iPhone and similar smartphones. It was only as recent as 2014 when figures really started to drop, perhaps indicating that the greater availability of photography (thanks to the iPhone) had helped more people to take up the hobby and move on to DSLRs and other more premium […]

Associates: Easily create Amazon Affiliate links on iOS

Share Tweet PinShares 0One of the tasks that shows how iOS and using apps can be a lot more efficient that using a desktop is affiliate links to the app store. The amazing Blink by Jon Voorhees makes it really simple to search for and then create an affiliate link to an app store item. Well now he’s taken that knowledge and applied it to the amazon affiliate programs with associate. A bit about blink Although affiliate links were fairly simple to generate (simply adding your affiliate code to the end of a link to the correct page) the real […]